So, who am I, and what brought me to this moment we are sharing right now?

I was born to the name Kevin Gilbert in Hertfordshire, England but a few years ago while at a personal development event acquired the nickname Mr. Happy Chappy which has stuck ever since. I spent from the ages of 17 to my late twenties wandering around lost in the murky world of addiction. With over five years sobriety, the fog has lifted and I have uncovered my authentic self who was gradually buried from the age of 8. I have just released my first CD of spoken word "Waking Dreams Into Reality". It is a mixture of poetry and life lessons that form A Healing Journey full of medicine for anyone who has ever batted, addiction, depression or just struggled to learn to love themselves. You can hear some of the album on the CDs & Books page. Before I recorded this album I felt that my path in life was about to open to become a poet and writer. However this has now clearly become secondary to my life mission.

You see on November 20, 2016 my life changed forever!

While up at Standing Rock in North Dakota I was documenting one of the many prayerful, peaceful actions to protect sacred water and scared lands. But that night was different. The water protectors were met with more violence than I had ever seen in my life. Multiple rounds of non-lethal projectiles; compression grenades, tear gas canisters, mace, water cannons, and the LRAD. While I was streaming this live to Facebook the video was picked up by both Senator Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and numerous national and international media outlets. So overnight I suddenly had a huge platform to use for positive change in this world.

So what is next?

I am going to continue to travel the country and highlight how our valuing of profit and huge corporations over people and our planet, is rapidly destroying Our Mother Earth, poisoning her waters and decimating her natural beauty.

How can you help support this mission?

If you feel inclined, you can grab a signed album hot off the press or there is a donate button on this site where if you wish to make a gift to support this journey to protect our planet for future generations, you can. Let me leave you with a phrase to ponder that has stuck in my heart ever since my close friend gifted it to me. "Learn to be your own best friend." Much love, Light and Laughter - Kevin Happy Chappy Gilbert


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